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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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How exactly to fix a stain behind an apple thunderbolt display?

Hi there are 2 similar question to mine but no real answer. I have a stain on the right side of my apple thunderbolt display . I read those 2 questions :

Stain inside my display in the bottom

What is this stain inside my display?

but none of the answer worked for me. And i want to try a risky operation regarding my skills and prefer to ask here for advice.

Here is what mine look like :

Block Image

i removed the glass and cleaned it and put it back (after fighting with dust and pollen contamination ). I also tried to keep it running on white background but it worsen the situation.

This stain appeared after a 2 - 3 weeks working session where i did not shut down my computer/monitor. Weird thing is that like the last comment in the first question, if i shut down the monitor for a night then the stain disappear and slowly reappear after a few hours of activity.

So the last option i see from various search is to try this operation :


But im really scared of breaking the lcd and/or contaminating it with dust.

Do you think that this “disappearing“ stain could be solved by cleaning the inner panel of the lcd ? or this is more related to a damaged lcd ? I just dont understand why it slowly appearing if it is dust related issue.

Best Regards

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Mine is doing something similar I've never seen anything like it. After an hour or so the screen starts to go blurry. If I rub it quite hard in the same spot for 30 seconds or so, it 'rubs off' but it really appears to be under the glass. It's super weird and seems to be heat related.


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You appear to have done the basics which is about all I recommend. As you encountered the environment you work in also effects your efforts (fighting dust and pollen contamination) I really think you need to step back and re-evaluate if the amount of stain is enough to risk the possibility of damaging the screen.

The staining could be dust caught on the back side of the panel its also possible you have heat damage to the liquid crystal and some staining (discoloration) at the bottom edge maybe in fact burn’t reflectors in the backlight LED’s.

Block Image

So you’ll need to gage your skills and if you have a clean enough area to pull the display panel out and do it without damaging it.

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Hi Dan ,

I think my last comment was not posted, so i m repeating it :) Thanks for the quick answer.

After a quick evaluation i tend to think that the issue is more related to the heat issue you describe as the stain appears only a few hours after the screen is turned on.

I seems logic that a dust related issue would be visible at first frames while here the pictures is perfect for some hours until it is gradually more visible.

What do you think ?


So yes a dust issue would be more static being visible throughout the timepoint.

As liquid crystal material ages it does loose its ability to flex. To add to that, a static image can create artifacts that can be more or less visible depending what the color is. Basically, altering the material in a given placement so it's more sensitive.


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It’s heat related; switch off the screen overnight and the stain is pretty much gone. Let the screen run for a few hours and the stain is back. You can mask it by setting the desktop to black.

Improving the internal fan capacity to vent more heat will reduce the incidence.

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Well, your right its heat related!

But, it's not something shutting down the system will fix. Take a look at the image I posted the color is caused by the failure to reflect clean white light. Those brown spots are where the LED's sit.


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