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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Is my battery going bonkers, or just a calibration issue?

To preface, just so we’re clear, water fell on my keyboard some months ago (maybe January). I dried it up, let it for more than 24 hours upside down etc. I added this because it might be a cause, but I’m no expert in this regard.

Anyways, today my battery was at 20%, so after I fired up IntelliJ IDEA, indexing started, all fans started screaming as is tradition, and then, this: battery fell to 1%.

I plugged it in, and in a minute or so, it went back up to 20%. What’s weird is that coconutBattery showed different capacity readings. First row is when it was charging, then second is after unplugged (IntelliJ was indexing, so it was hard at work), and then after replugging you can see the capacity starts increasing again.

Block Image

The issue seems to be more prominent when IntelliJ is hard at work. Now that I’m writing this, after indexing stopped, the situation seems normal.

It also happened twice before (after the water spilling), where the battery was like 30%, and after opening IntelliJ IDEA the MacBook shut down immediately. I did a “pre-SMC” reset (the steps Apple recommends for laptops with T2 chip, before trying an actual SMC reset), and I guess I didn’t have that issue anymore.

Right now I’m going to try an SMC reset, but I’d appreciate your thoughts here. Do you think it is the battery, SMC, something else?

Bonus screenshots:

Block Image

Block Image

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The problem you are facing is one I’ve seen over and over again, but with video production on the newer MacBook Pro’s. Apple undersized its power systems with the CPU’s/GPU’s they are using in these systems when you are doing heavy processing like you appear to be doing with Java.

The problem is the amount of power the CPU (and/or its GPU) can use can strip out the stored power within the onboard battery faster than what the charger can supply to backstop it.

Here’s a mind drawing to see this: You have two tanks one holds 50 gallons of water and you have a second larger tank with has 100 gallons of water but the pipe between the two tanks is half as large as the pipe exiting the smaller tank. Now normally your system never draws more than 25 gallons in a session. But when you run your app the power need is 90 gallons so in a short amount of time the first tank is emptied and now the larger tank is being drawn from but as its connection is limited it can’t back fill the smaller tank fast enough for the amount you are drawing off.

You’re hitting the limits of the system. It’s also possible the spill left a trail of corrosion which is also effecting things here as well.

You also have a second issue which is you are over stressing the battery. Clearly you’ve used a lot of cycles (220) in about six months! That’s a lot! You are draining your battery down to the bone and then recharge it which besides ticking off a cycle you are likely boiling the electrolytic so the battery is starting to breakdown (blister) as repeated deep discharge and recharges is not the expected use pattern Apple was expecting in its design.

So what to do???

I think you’ll need to look at getting a more powerful desktop to compile your larger Java code projects.

You may need to also get your Mac’s battery replaced to if you find its blistered to much as well as inspect the logic board for any corrosion. And lastly get into the habit of plugging in more and not letting the battery drain below 1/3 of its capacity before recharging. I would also recommend getting a good thermal management program like TG Pro so you don’t run into a second issue which is over heating your T-CON board which creates black bands at the top and bottom of the display.

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