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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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How do I upgrade from OS X 10.6.8 to 10.11 or higher?

Hi everyone!

Lame question, I suspect. I have lightly refurbished my partnerʻs A1342, except for the HD, which will be replaced with a 1TB SSD (I know the SATA 3.0 is overkill, but it is downwardly compatible, so Iʻm OK with that).

Installed full 8GB RAM, a new display, fan, speakers, battery, and trackpad. Logic board, keyboard, and optical drive still perfectly functional. She wants to pass it on to one of the grandchildren, but OS X 10.6.8 is simply not going to cut it for their needs.

How can I get 10.11.6 installed on the current drive and on a subsequent SSD upgrade (I want to make sure the A1342 wonʻt get excessively overloaded by OS demands)?

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The best thing you can do here is not upgrade the OS! Leave it at El Capitan. DosDude is fun to play with its not something I would do on a system thats going to be used. The newer macOS's like Catalina really need more physical RAM and the better I series CPU's.

You also have only a SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) SATA port so what ever drive you get needs to be able to support it. Most drives today are fixed SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) and are not downwardly compatable. You need an auto sense drive like a Samsung 860 EVO Note the Interface line: "SATA 6 Gbps Interface, compatible with SATA 3 Gbps & 1.5 Gbps interfaces" It clearly supports SATA II, make sure the drive you get states it like this in the spec sheet if they don't, don't buy it!


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This one’s kind of complicated because of the SSD upgrade you plan to do, you may just want get a bootable USB stick of El Capitan to install on both of the machines. As for upgrading the OS on the HDD, all you need to do is click on the Apple Logo at the top left side of the screen, click on software update, and let it download the updates. After that, click on “Show more” and make sure it doesn’t install the Airport of iLife Updates, as it will not be able to update if you try to install those. You may need to repeat that step a couple of times to make sure Snow Leopard is fully up to date, but when it is follow this link on Safari while on the machine: https://apps.apple.com/app/os-x-el-capit...

This link should take you to El Capitan’s download page on the App Store, from there all you need to do is download and install El Capitan.

If you need more App Support after that, I recommend using the MacOS Catalina patcher, which walks you through and lets you install Catalina on unsupported machines, and because of your 8gb of ram it will be able to handle itself well in Catalina. Here’s the link to the patcher: http://dosdude1.com/catalina/

I hope this helped!

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hi @visionarily !!! thank you for responding so quickly!

All updates were already in place, so i typed in the link above to the el capitan download (her machine canʻt open iFixit as the OS canʻt support an adequately secure connection, so i typed in the URL manually);

the App Store window opened to El Capitan download;

i clicked on [Get], and then unfortunately, at this point i hit a stone wall:

Dialog Box:

”We could not complete your purchase

The product distribution file could not be verified.

It may be damaged or was not signed.”

[Learn More] [OK}

Neither button results in anything other than clearing the dialog box.

i THINK i need to download the El Capitan installer and create a bootable USB drive per


does this look right?


@the_kat Yes, that does look right, I would recommend doing that over just upgrading because you plan do upgrade the HDD to an SSD in the future. But if you still want to try updating, it sounds like there's no iCloud account actually logged into the machine, or the login token on the machine has expired, and it can't verify the iCloud account to download the update. A simple solution to that would be to log the account out and log back into the machine with the same account.

Also, you're welcome for responding quickly! ;)


Hi @visionarily ! Yes, my partner doesnʻt have an iCloud account yet, so iʻll try to convince her to do that. In the meantime iʻll do the El Capitan bootable USB drive, and try to get things rolling from that side. thank you again for your quick and helpful response. i probably canʻt get back to this for a few days, but i will update you on what happens!!!


Alright! glad I could be of help to you.


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