Ps4 Pro clean up, but fan still ramps up.

So, lately with this quarantine my brother and I are playing warzone a lot and I noticed that the fan was too loud, and being bought almost 3 years ago I thought it should need a deep clean up. As I suspected the heat sink was clogged up with dust so I cleaned it up as best I could with compressed air and isopropyl alcohol. As I took the motherboard I applied new thermal paste.

Now the first time I turned it on it worked fine, all the features work fine, but when I entered call of duty the fan ramped up and it turned off because of over heating. It occured to me that maybe the amount of thermal paste that I applied was too low and it didn't transferred the heat properly, so I opened it up again and reapplied thermal paste, this time I put much more.

Now the problem that I still have is that the fan ramps up but it doesn't shut off because of over heating, but the fan is way too loud, like it is max out in rpms. What could the problem be???

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