Reasons why Power wouldn't go through a diode?

So i have this Schottky diode with 17v on one side but 0v on the other and i cant figure out why is it.

I already replaced it and i get same.

There is no short!

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If the correct voltage is not at the gate it will not open to let the 17V through.


I don't mean to be that guy but is it possible that you have it the wrong way round? If there is voltage on one side you should be able to carry that voltage through the diode. ( No guarantees that it is a proper ground on the other side but it should at-least flow voltage through the diode ) Chris actually just added something I wasn't aware of. Have you checked the continuity through the diode as well as verified the voltage supplied is the correct voltage?


@king_jorg what exact diode is this? You have chosen a MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 as the device. Is the diode somewhere on the logic board? If so, where? Post some pictures with your question. Adding images to an existing question


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