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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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Controller "A" button unresponsive at certain angles

I’ve just bought a new Xbox One controller (the latest version with Bluetooth and jack) and after using it for some time I discovered the “A” button is unresponsive when pressed at certain angles which happens to me all the time when I play games. As the result, the press is not registered by the game/system. I read all over the web I’m not the only person with this issue (see here) and it might be a design flaw and replacing the controller will not help so I’m eager to just open it and maybe do something inside in order to fix this issue. Otherwise I will just refund it and stay with my old X360 controller that still works better because all the buttons just-work™. I can upload a video to show the issue but it’s basically the same issue that is shown here (there is an Elite controller on that video but the problem is the same on my regular controller). Do you know if I can do anything to improve the responsiveness?

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You can get parts to repair the controller on ifixit and if they don't have what you are needing Amazon has parts on there also. It sounds like the contracts are worn or damaged. I hope this helps

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But shouldn't be simply worn or damaged in a brand new controller, right? Especially considering the number of people around the web report they see the same issue in e.g. 4 controllers they have. Maybe the real issue is with the rubber underneath the buttons, maybe it's not touching the board when pressed at certain angles. I hoped someone has already figured it out.


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If the controller is new, I would take it back to the store and get a new one. If you can’t, unresponsive button are usually dirt or plastic bit that went between the conductive pad and the motherboard. Cleaning should work if it’s the case. Otherwise, it could be a faulty conductive pad and you need to replace it.

I had a controller that was having a unresponsive view button and I succeed to fix it using what I just told you. Here is how you can do this repair : https://youtu.be/DClgW5mLayE

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