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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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HDD cable changed still OSX won’t install

Had an issue with the document folder with question mark

Did the following

Changed the HDD cable ( took all precautions)

also upgraded to Samsung SSD

still can’t install OSX

1- LIon - won’t see the hard drive

2- Mojave via USB - application could not be installed

3- Catalina via cmnf option R - application could not be installed error

reset PRAM

time is also up to date on terminal . In UTC ( am in EST)) still it’s accurate

not sure what else to do here

the old hard drive I had works fine if used externally

the cable was replaced cause there were a couple of instances when the drive didn’t show up in disk utility and I was told that these old laptops are prone to this error

now am not sure what else to do

how can I install a OS - any OS really

please help and advise

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You’re hitting a known issue within Apples OS installers. Each version has a certificate which over time expires. When that happens the installer won’t install! Depending on the release version Apple does offer updated installers, otherwise we need to fake-out the installer making it think its back in time!

If you've got an old macOS install image, it will probably stop working today

Your systems works best with HFS+ file system as such you should stick with Sierra as the highest version.

Yes, High Sierra, Mojave & Catalina all will work as well but your systems SATA interface makes them run poorly with APFS which is required with them. If you had a PCIe interface like a retina model that would make a big difference!

OK, so going with Sierra here the needed installer How to upgrade to macOS Sierra Jump down to Step 4 to get the needed installer link. Using a fresh USB thumb drive formatted with GUID and a journaled file system (HFS+) follow this guide to create a bootable OS installer How to create a bootable macOS Sierra installer drive to use to setup your new drive.

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I am going to try this shortly however I have a question - why is the internet installation of Catalina not working ? Isn’t it supposed to be the most updated one ?


It does work! But you need to have Mojave first and if you didn't install Mojave you needed to be at High Sierra or Sierra first!

Basically, Apple is chaining updates now! Depending on the release you have you need to walk up the versions. This is to force people to ditch their older systems for new ones! This is a hideous game Apple is now playing!

Don't play the game! Stick with Sierra!


@danj thank you so much for taking the time

I followed the link you provided and tried down loading Sierra from the App Store however it’s not letting me do that

I get an error - update not found -requested version of macOS is not available

Please note I only have 1 Mac or PC at this time so o used my old hard drive ( as external) with Catalina - to download from the App Store

It just states software is up to date so not letting me download it seems like


On one of the links you provided some people had commented to change the dates for the system to force a download from old installers - though the author of the article advised against it

Given my dire situation you think i should try that ?


I just did it without any errors from my Mac system, did you go to step 4 from here: How to upgrade to macOS Sierra and click on the blue Download macOS Sierra URL link? Are you trying to download via a PC running Windows?

Going to the App store won't work anymore you need to go to the link I gave you. If you want to stick with Lion you can cheat the devil, I do it all of the time! But not off the network! You need to have the installer file first. Which you can't get from Apple any more via download. You need to buy the CD and get the media shipped (people have had issues with the download link method) OS-X Lion (10.7)

The author of the article needs to play politics with Apple which is why he stated that. It's a non-issue.


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