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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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My Ipad Mini touch isnt working after I replaced my digitizer?

After i plugged in the Battery, LCD, and new Battery, the screen opens and all the buttons work, but i cant use the touch screen. I looked at the connector but nothing seems to be broken.

So I had cracked my iPad a few years ago and recently decided to fix the screen, before i unplugged the LCD, Battery, and old digitizer everything was working just fine, but now when after i plugged in the Battery, LCD, and new Battery, the screen opens and all the buttons work, but i cant use the touch screen.

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Did you disconnect the battery before you disconnected the digitizer and LCD and didn't reconnect the battery until you connected the LCD and digitizer? You can damage the motherboard if you unhook these parts reconnect them while the battery is connected. You can also check the connections for damage with a magnifying glass and clean the connectors with a qtip and alcohol and a soft brush.

Update (05/24/2020)

You can still check the connections and clean them but first disconnect the battery and don't reconnect the battery before the. lcd and digitizer if that doesn't fix it I would recommend taking it to a repair shop, it will probably need a filter or another part replaced on the motherboard. It has to be done with microsoldering.

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I didn't disconnect the battery first, i didnt know. Do you think the Ipad can still work? Everything works except for the fact that i cant move anything.


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Either one or more pins are missing on the digitizer connector on the main board less likely as you’ve already checked or the digitizer has become faulty after re-opening.

Most likely from either a tear in the cable or crushing the digitizer cable between the glass and the housing when closing it again. There is a part of the cable that needs to be folded inwards before closing or the cable will get damaged.

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