Razer Blade 15" 2018 model no integrated webcam detected

Common issue with the razer blade 15 specifically the 2018 model. The only solution is to RMA it, which will just have the lcd screen replaced, if no additional problems arrive by the hands of razer technicians after the computer comes back from sometimes what i’ve read, a two month wait.

I was wondering if there was anything i could do (i.e. full bezel removal and inspection, additional driver software downloads, maybe aggressively caressing my bezel and webcam surrounding area until i see some sort of indicator,etc.). I am a student and can’t really throw money around so I am open to any repair ideas/ troubleshooting.

Seems to me like a hardware issue but I have seen reports that upgrading the bios caused the integrated webcam to brick.

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I also have this problem and would like to know of a fix if its possible. Mine is a work laptop cannot afford downtime of RMA (plus think its out of RMA warrenty)


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