2006 C2D (Black) MacBook not Powering On (with Green MagSafe Light)

I have an extra old 2006 Core 2 Duo BlackBook and when I plug it in the MagSafe charger light turns green but the MacBook doesn’t turn on. There is no boot chime, HDD or Optical Drive spinning or video. I tried cleaning out all the dust on the logic board and reapplying thermal paste, same problem. I cleaned and reseated the RAM and then tried booting with the RAM taken out and it didn’t work and no beep codes. I reseated the HDD as well, reseted the SMC, tried booting charger only and battery only. I also tried holding the power button for 10 seconds, plugging in the charger and continued holding for 10 seconds. I tried holding the power button anywhere from one second to around 60 seconds. I’ve let it charge a few hours and tried again and unfortunately nothing worked. I probably tried a few other power button and key combinations.

Anyone have an idea on what could be the problem/fix? Do I have to replace the logic board? (Please don’t reply with getting a newer machine, this is just an extra device that I would like to fix and keep).

If I have to do a logic board replacement would I be able to fit a 2007 MacBook logic board (would the connections be the same and would it physically fit - I looked at pictures and it looks like it would but I’m not 100% sure)?

Thanks in advance

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Did you try turning it off and on again?


@ph000 How did I forget? lol


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