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Third generation of iPad, featuring 4G capabilities, released on March 16, 2012. Model number A1430. Repairs require heat and careful prying.

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Proper Disposal of IPad 3 that won’t be recognized by Mac

Hi all,

I have come into possession of a series of old broken Apple products that my extended family has collected over the years. All the devices are non functional and aren’t recognized by my Mac when I plug them in. The devices are one iPad 3, two iPod touch 4 gens, two iPod touch 5 gens, and one iPhone 4s. This question is mainly about the iPad but I assume the question would apply for all of the devices listed. I’ve told said family members that I would dispose of the devices since I live near an e recycler. However since the devices won’t turn on for me there’s no way to tell if they’ve been properly wiped. I would assume that simply removing and destroying the logic boards of the device would be sufficient to ensure all personal data. However in all devices the battery makes up almost all of the interior and I just want to make sure that all data is on the logic board NAND chips located on the logic board and not hidden away in any other part of the device. Any advice would be appreciated as I feel responsible for the security of the devices and want to do right by my fam.

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Hillary used a hammer and I’m sure she had top advice. None have certainly ever been recovered or we would heard about it.

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Lol but I know batteries can explode. If I take the batteries to be properly recycled would there be any data somehow stored on them since they make up most of the interior of the device.


I thought she used a cloth ;).

Remove the boards - that's what I tell people to do.


Thanks, will that work on all devices, even the older touches. It’s a little nerve wracking with the boards being so small and the batteries so large?


Batteries do not store data, they just provide power.


Gotcha, so in short, on basically all IPads/touches/iPhones all data is stored on the logic board and removing that and recycling the rest ensures no personal data can be retrieved from old tech. If I’m incorrect in this assessment please let me know.


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