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Обновленная версия iPhone 3G с более высокой скоростью обработки. Ремонт этого устройства схож с iPhone 3G, и требует простых отверток и инструментов для вскрытия. Модель A1303; 16 или 32 ГБ памяти; с Черной или Белой задней пластиковой крышкой.

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power ic went off

i got iphone 3gs and few weeks prior , i kept it for charging and suddenly it went off and now its not coming back./i showed few ppl and its an ic issue..wht can be done and how much it could cost me,,plz help

Update (09/14/2011)

@pollytintop---yes they opened it and checkd it ...they sd its an ic issue....ic completely went off and have to replce it...sme r charging 7grands and sme 5-6 grands..not sure wht to do

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what makes you sure it is the power ic? did they open the phone and check all the components or is it just their guess. No point paying for something if you're not sure it's the problem


If none of the above will work for you, make sure that your USB cable is okay, that your dock connector does not have any bend or corroded pins. After that the first thing I'd consider is a new battery.


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Do the usual and start from the beginning. Reset, hold both Home and Power buttons until the iPhone begins to turn on, usually less than 20 seconds time. If nothing do the same while on Wall Charger, again Reset. If nothing, then with iTunes open, hold Home button and connect iPhone to computer, keep holding home button until iPhone is recognized in Recovery Mode, usually less than 20 seconds time. Then Restore iPhone. If nothing, perform DFU Mode Restore.

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I'd do what brad suggests first,any friend who wants money that you think is too much might not be a good" friend". You have nothing to lose.. Brads suggestions are free

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