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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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MacBook Pro suddenly shut off and won't turn on

I realize now that this was probably a dumb thing to do, but I put my wife’s MBP on top of my own MBP. Right when that happened, my MBP suddenly shut down and will no longer start back up. I tried resetting SMC and NVRAM, no luck.

I don’t have the tools to go tinkering inside the laptop, is there anything I can do from the outside to fix this?

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Physically stacking your systems shouldn't do anything.

Where they both on and or hot?

Did you plug in the wrong charger thats assuming you have both a 13" & 15" system each uses a different charger?

You are forgetting something here.


They were both on, not sure about hot.

My laptop is a 15", it was plugged in.

My wife's laptop is a 13", it was not plugged in.


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The only thing I can think of is a power polarity issue. But that would have required both systems plugged in either to a charger or other AC powered device like a printer or external HD which is directly powered.

Basically, one of the MacBook Pro’s cases is tied to the White (Neutral) side of the outlet and the others case is tied to the Black (Hot) so it fried things!

This can happen when you are plugging two chargers into the same outlet if the charger is not properly designed (knock off charger)

Block Image

Make sure the chargers are all lined up in the same direction to be safe.

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