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Repair guides and support for the 5th generation Honda Accord coupe, sedan, and wagon.

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1997 Honda Accord No Crank No Start

1997 Honda Accord EX with ~240k miles.

Started struggling a little to start ~4 weeks ago and replaced the battery, seemed to solve the issue. No symptoms or issues until a few days ago when the car died on me…I had driven it back and home from work, stopped at the gym, and then made a dinner stop. It wasn’t until the last stop that the car died…zero attempt to crank, no click or anything. Acted like a security system lockout on a more modern car.

Replaced the starter to no avail. Changed out the clutch pedal sensor, battery cables…same issue. Tried a different ignition switch and it still won’t even attempt to start. Battery is reading 12V and powers the dash, A/C, etc inside the car. Headlights are strong.

Any thoughts? Could it be starter relay???



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Did you manual try to start the car by jumping the connections on the starter? Did you check the starter relay? You need to get a repair manual with a wiring diagram and start at the ignition switch and work your way to the starter. If you have power coming out of the ignition switch in the the start position move to the next place in line. If you have power coming in and not out that is your problem if you have power coming out move to the next part inline and so on until you find what is not working.

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Try takeing the key and lock the doors manually and unlock at least twice. Then proceed to get in and start. If not try same procedure with the key in the ignition. The try start

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