InsydeH20 bios is gray but it says that user and supervisor pass clear

So, 4 or so days ago i switched to Ubuntu 16.4 LTS hoping it would be better than windows. well i was kinda right but now i cant run my favourite programs! i got windows 7 on a 8gb usb stick so i spam f2 and go to the bios and everything is locked? i cant select anything nor make changes, and when i go to the “security” section it says that BOTH the supervisor and user passwords are clear, and when i look deeper i see that it said “promt password on boot” (i dont remember what it said) or something and it says enabled even though it doesnt promt me a password! its running the InsydeH20 rev 5.0 on an acer aspire A114-31 (model wasnt on list so i picked similar one) and my internet provider sent me this laptop, i got into the bios 2 months ago (before lock) and all options were available? then i go check the bios 3 weeks ago and all the options are grayed out. so this means i wasted 3gb on the usb for nothing?

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