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Where other mobile workstations start to fade is just where the M6400 comes into its own. With specifications that even some desktop workstations might struggle to deliver, the flagship mobile workstation from Dell is ideal, even for the most demanding user. Optional Intel Quad Core processing power, working in harmony with a super-fast 1066 MHz frontside bus (FSB), is only matched by the options of RAID 0 storage performance and stunning ATI® FirePro® and NVIDIA® Quadro FX graphics. Designed to be a workstation, the M6400 has the thermal headroom to deliver the certified independent software vendor (ISV) application performance levels you expect from Dell Precision.

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cloudy spot / dark area on the LCD pannel

I have a dell precesion 5520 i bought second hand and i noticed a grey area that is only seen in green or white backrgound

please is there anyway to fix this ?

here is a link to the drive if the photos are hard to see


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You’d have to change the whole display, but I think this is unnecesary-expensive since this is not a major issue.

I suggest you keep this as is, exhaust it completely before buying a new one alltogether

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