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Released December 3, 1994 in Japan and September 9, 1995 in North America. Models SCPH-100x, SCPH-3000, SCPH-3500, SCPH-500x, SCPH-550x, SCPH-700x, SCPH-750x, and SCPH-900x.

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My motor won't spin unless I manually press it?

I’m very new to fixing old consoles so bear with me.

I have a PlayStation (model 5501) that’s been in storage for years and it’s broken in a strange way. Power turns on, memory cards load, sound and visual are all good but it won’t actually load the games. I heard if you hold the console on its side and it doesn’t read the disc, that it may be a problem with the laser and sure enough, it wouldn’t load on its side. I looked at a couple of videos on Youtube to try and get some help, when I found a video where they placed their finger on a spot where the disc sits and the disc would spin for a bit. (Here’s the video since I’m bad at explaining and couldn’t find an actual word for it, timestamp 0:40 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJjcVWT1... )

I decided to do the same and when pressed down hard enough, sure enough the disc would spin and the laser would read it! I checked the shell and there is a part of it that already would press it down, but for some reason its not enough? Any advice would be appreciated as I have no clue what to do and am wondering if it’s worth getting checked out at a repair store. Thanks in advance for the help!

Here’s the inside of the console:

Block Image

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Hi Elly,

First things first. Remove the top cover and check if the laser is seated properly.

If yes, place the top cover back, but make sure it seats good!! It should fit in flawless. And make sure that the laser is not blocking the case from seating (as this happens sometimes).

If this is all good, place the screws back and try it. Also, check if the disc can spin freely and is not spinning against the cover.. This would make scratches and it will stop spinning after 10 seconds.

How is the condition of the drive motor/disk holder?

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I believe the drive motor is good? I'm not sure how to check that. After I adjusted the disc drive it started to work! However...now the power button doesn't work lol. One problem after another with this thing. When the top shell isn't screwed on it works fine, but once it's on power button just stops. Another detail I forgot to include (as it was 2 in the morning) about the ps1 and that there's a strange cord that sticks out of the console? I couldn't find it on any other video or guide or anything and it just sticks outside the console and may be the issue with the console sitting well. I updated the answer with a picture of the inside of the console if it helps.


@glitchedroyal okay, let’s check the cord first. That is something which does not belong there (originally). Can you check where it goes to?


@dan0 it leads to the bottom of the power supply? It doesn't seem to be doing anything (both harming and helping)


Okay, I think it's safe to remove it. Did you managed to get the cover off? And when you put it back on, will it fit straight away?


@dan0 Yes the cover comes off and it does fit, should I remove it tho or just leave it in? I'm not sure how to remove it and don't want to break it entirely.


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The lasers in these are pure garbage. The early units use plastic gears, so you need to check if the parts are plastic or cast metal. If they’re not metal, you NEED to change the laser unit and there’s no way out. The plastic ones usually fail exactly as you’re seeing it, so don't keep your hopes up too much.

It is possible to fix it by adjusting the laser trimpot on the board, but you need an oscilloscope to adjust it right - not many people can do this.

The second option is to trimpot the motor to slow things down enough to get it to work with the unadjusted laser, but if you ever trimpot the laser you will need to fix the laser adjustment - mark the factory ohm adjustment on the laser so restoration to factory is easy. However, you will need to adjust both if you ever trimpot the board and do a full repair later on. Before mine was too far gone to adjust, I did cover the procedure. It will never be perfect, but it’s better then nothing. Don’t worry about MINOR FMV issues; it’s normal on many of the internal supply PSX systems. I had to completely rework the text since it was 4 years between this answer and the guide, so hopefully my bases are covered.

Test technicality: Spyro failed due to disc rot :-(.

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Sounds like commutator problems …

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