Joystick causing erratic inputs - New cable, now stuck 'on'

Hello everyone,

I recently got a second-hand Saitek X52 throttle and joystick. The throttle works fine and I can see all of the inputs respond correctly in the USB controller settings in windows.

However, when I plug in the joystick all of the inputs start going erratic, axis readings jump up and down, button signals keep flashing, etc. When I hold a button on the joystick the input for that button alone stays steady, but the moment I let go it starts flickering again.

All of the lights on the stick and throttle are on solid (no flickering there). But when I switch the joystick to mode 1 the throttle flashes between modes 1-3, the other modes don't have this issue.

Holding the din cable in place doesn't stop this behaviour. I've also opened up the throttle and stick, no connectivity issues with the din ports, and all of the cables in the joystick have a clean connection. I also tested continuity on the din cable and had no issues there.

Can anyone think of something else I've missed?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Got a new cable and the inputs are no longer erratic, the inputs on the stick are now all showing as pressed permanently. I understand that this can be an issue with one of the wires in the joystick, however I’ve checked them all again and I have full continuity through all the wires all the way to the base.

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