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Released in February of 2006, the Dell Inspiron E1505 is a duo CPU widescreen laptop that boasts increased performance compared to the Inspiron 6000 that it replaces.

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Why are my screen hinges working strange

Hi there, I have an old laptop that I want to restore and the screen hinges are faulty.

Update (06/13/2020)

Also, the lid is broken

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Here’s the service manual for the laptop.

Click on the Hinge cover and Display assembly links on the Contents page to see how to access the hinges so that they can be inspected, replaced etc.

Search online for Dell E1505 hinge set to find suppliers. The supplier in the link is only to show what they look like and how much they may cost. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better.

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Depends on what you mean by faulty. If the laptop halves are aligned when it is closed but it is very difficult to open or close then the hinges are rusted or dried out. You can lube them or replace them.

If the halves are not aligned when closed, something in one of or both of the hinges has broken and needs to be replaced.

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