My phone won't turn on after a security patch update, sugestions?

My S7e (Exynos variant) suddenly stopped working out of the blue after an overnight update. At first it was stuck on a a boot loop, I tried to force reboot it (vol down + power) and the screen went black, with only the blue led light flashing. Eventually that died out as well and now the phone is an unresponsive. (No button combo works, computer doesn't detect it, but the wireless charger does)

Has anyone who's faced this - managed to revive their phones, even if for a short while? Or figured out what the issue might be?

Update: Turns out this isn’t an isolated issue, as many other S7s/S7Es are glitching out after an update. Changing the battery did not work for me, as the phone won’t power on and remains unresponsive. Seems like there could be a problem on the motherboard. Is it even possible for a hardware issue to crop up after the system crashes after an update?? Any thoughts on what the issue could be?

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ask in XDA forums S7e (Just google - XDA forums S7Edge). This website is more for hardware problems.


@benjune Hey thanks, I actually already have a post up on XDA about this. I have also updated my current post here with further information.


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