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Fiber and textile material that is worn for style, safety, and protection from the elements.

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Patagonia Rain Jacket Alterations- Sleeves are too long

I purchased a Patagonia rain jacket and have barely used it because the sleeves run too long. Is there a place I can my jacket to have them adjust the sleeve length? Everything else fits well.

Thank you

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I suggest a taylor or seamstress , if you can tell me your general location I can help you find one that’s right for the job

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I had this thought but assumed a tailor may not make these types of adjustments (bad assumption perhaps).

I am in the general downtown Denver area (Speer and I-25 area).

I appreciate your help!


EROL'S TAILORING AND ALTERATIONS would be the best option or the task you want to complete

314 Columbine St, Denver, CO 80206

They are open for 30 more minutes


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