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The Dell 1710n is an office laser printer released in 2011.

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Can't print more than 2/3 of a A4 page

I was able to print 20400 pages with this printer when a paper jam occurred. I removed the jams opening the rear of the printer. Since then only the 2/3 upper parts of a A4 page could still be printed. I contacted the technical support of Dell. The only response I obtained was to buy a new printer !!! The problem is that I had recently bought 2 new toner cartridges. What can be done ? The only response from Dell was: you have 7 working days, following a purchase to renounce unilaterally and send back. Seeing that my guarantee was ended, they had nothing more to do !

Can I repair this breakdown ?


I thank you for your suggestions but there was nothing that could solve the problem. I decided therefor to open my printer and found the cause of the problem: lastly I obtained only paper jams ! When I removed the jams opening the front cover, removing the tone cartridge and the drum, I observed that the upper bord of the pages were lightly burned. I dismantled then my printer. The two final rolls, 1- the cylinder containing the electrical resistance and 2- the second rubbery roll were pasted together and the gearing whose role is to turn them was broken. See images below.

Is there still something that can be done to resolve this problem ? Is it possible to buy new of second hand spare parts ?

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you say 2/3 of upper page..just to clarify that all of width of page prints? This isn't missing left portion or right portion of page? If only bottom of page is missing then I would be tempted to check your printer settings/page settings.


Only bottom of the page is missing (+/- 1/3). All the rest is perfectly printed.


Not meaning to insult you but, have you checked the settings for your paper size?


You could check http://www.impactcomputers.com/dellparts... and consider changing your update to an answer. That way, we will know what has worked for your printer.


I checked http://www.impactcomputers.com/dellparts and was spontaneously very happy to find a "RC422-FUSER 110V Assembly for Dell 1710n Printer" but became rapidly disillusioned: my computer works under 220V (Europ-Belgium). The caracteristics of my printer fuser are: "DP/N 0RC443 CN-0RC443-48730-5AB-16XM" and the general caracteristics of the printer are given under "images".


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Since this is a Dell I am guessing that you have some flavor of Windows for an operating system. If you have your paper settings correct, it sounds like you are running out of memory for your print job since you are not saying it prints 2/3 of a page and the next page is blank.

Go to your control panel. Choose classic view. Double left click the printers and faxes icon. The widow will open and show you all the printers and faxes you have installed. Right click this printer and from the menu that pops up choose properties. Go to the advanced tab. Make sure that "Spool print documents...." is chosen. If you have changed any settings left click the apply button on the bottom right of the properties window. If the A4 paper is not what you mainly use you will have to select it each time you go to print with that paper. If the only paper you print on is A4 then go to the general tap left click on the printing preferences button. Left click the advanced button and make sure that the A4 is your default paper. Left click the ok button. If you have changed any settings left click the apply button on the bottom right of the properties window. Now click ok, which will bring you back to the general tab. Left click on the print test page button. See if It prints properly. Please let us know the results of doing this.

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Complete answer. +


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It was not a question of parameters but an hardware breakdown. See "UPDATES".

Thank you for assistance !

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