Why is my new screen STILL black? Seems to power up. New batt&daughter

I’ve tried a lot of things to get this girl working again. I’ve maintained her well for 4 years, this is the fourth case its been in, fifth battery it’s had, on its third daughterboard with all the original screws and I’ve never had to replace the screen or any outer components. I could make a compelling commercial for the case I’ve been using. I’ve never rooted it but I’ve factory reset it several times. I’ve had it apart many times, I use a grounded mat and this would be my first ESD kill but I really don’t think its that. Its been well treated.

I was surprised when I went to restart it and the screen went blank and never came back on. It was maybe 5 months ago it got a new I could feel haptic and its pushing alerts, the led works and the antenna is clearly receiving texts but the screen is just off. I’ve tried a different battery and daughter board thinking maybe power was being diverted elsewhere but there is voltage on the connector going to the screen. A pinout would be nice… Even when I thump the spot where the connector seats not a single photon came out of that screen. I let the battery die for a few days until I got the red light of undercharge and let it charge back up for over a day, powers up like it wants to go and nothing. So I carefully replaced the screen and moved everything into the new chassis and still nothing. I’ve found very little about this problem online but I’m not the only one. Although I have not tried thumping the brand new screen or any manner of, erm “Advanced Kinetic Reconnection Techniques” like I did with the original screen… when everything else I know to do has failed and I’ve given up staring at every component with a 30x eye loupe, traded my multimeter in for a bible to “Lay on hands” style slap against it screaming “HEAL” and now I’m just cussing at it. Not even screaming “Muad’ Diib” at it did anything. SO I’ve come to ask y’all if there’s anything that comes to mind I can do? Any way to get this display out to any kind of remotely standarized display format? All joking aside, I’ll straight up connect an i2c interface somewhere on here to connect a tft and if someone can tell me it will work. I just need to get to my unlock screen, I’d have data reset it by now if that was doable from the device itself… My point is that I’ll try anything at this point, even ask for help, even necromancy to revive this Nexus 6P. Ideas? Insights? Solutions?!??

Gratitude in advance,


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