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Выпущенный 16 сентября 2016 года смартфон нарекли iPhone 7 Plus. Вышло несколько моделей нового устройства: A1661, A1784, и A1785, а также можно было выбрать между версиями на 32, 128 и 256 Гб встроенного накопителя. На выбор можно было приобрести золотой, розовое золото, серебристый, Jet Black и (PRODUCT) Red оттенки корпусов.

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Phone will not power on after replacing screen

I just replaced a crushed screen. It was so bad I could not power off and of course now it will not power on….. any ideas?

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One thing I had tried when I had this issue when repairing an old 6S for a friend. Disconnect the battery and the screen cables, hold the power button down for 10-20 seconds to remove and residual power in the board. Then re-connect everything and ensure they all click/snap in properly.


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With a '''USB mini voltmeter''' you can measure the power being sent to your device.

  • Plug the voltmeter into a powered USB port
  • Plug your lightning cable into the voltmeter
  • Connect the lightning cable to your iPhone
  • Power on your iPhone & watch the voltmeter

You’re looking for a consistent amperage (red number) between 0.9-1.0A being sent to the device during boot, and while it is running. If this number dips frequently or stays low, you are not just dealing with a display issue. It could very well be a charging port and/or battery issue.

Another thing you can test is the voltage on your battery using a multimeter. If it reads below 3.82V it means that it is not charged, or has failed in some way. By ruling out a potentially bad chargeport first, we can conclude after this measurement whether it is a battery issue or something else.

USB Mini Voltmeter Изображение


USB Mini Voltmeter


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