Laptop Touchscreen Ghost Clicking on the Same Spot Randomly

Hello guys,

I have an HP Split x2 laptop that randomly starts ghost clicking on the same spot. I have not yet determined what triggers it.

So far ive tried:

  1. Windows reinstall
  2. Driver Update from HP page
  3. BIOS update
  4. Disabling fast startup and whatnot
  5. Booting from ubuntu (exact same thing)
  6. Digitizer cleaning from outside
  7. Digitizer Cleaning from inside (dissasembly)

The digitizer and the ribbon cable seems to be in perfect condition. They are not bent, cracked or anything of the sort.

I just dont want to buy another digitizer which is very expensive just to find out its a controller or laptop design issue.

Thank you.

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I just changed the digitizer and that was it.


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