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Replaced T-con board still have vertical lines

One day I powered on my Sony Bravia LCD TV and the only thing coming up on the display were vertical stripes in various colours. There were some videos online that linked the issue to the T-Con board. After first trying to reseat the ribbon cables and cleaning the pins on the all three cables connecting to the T-Con board, which made no difference, I ordered a T-Con board from EMOS parts. Installing that has also failed to address the issue. Is there anything else I can try?

Many thanks in advance

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@sissy67 … a proper test for the tcon vs lcd would be to disconnect one side of the tcon ribbons leading to the displays buffer boards and seeing if the lines disappear on the side that was disconnected. if they do, reconnect that side and then repeat the test on the other. if at any point the lines do not disappear, or other lines appear, this is a failed panel and not the tcon. if when disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbins to the tcon changes the appearance of or placement of the lines, it may be the tcon and perhaps the one you ordered was incompatible or that it was a bad board received.

please list the tcon that you ordered and we can help investigate. also, please upload some clear pics of the interconnectings of your boards and some close ups of the power supply, main board and tcon board. also, a picture of the screens lines would be helpful as well.

here is a guide on uploading so we can assist:

Adding images to an existing question.

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