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Released April 17, 2020 Model XT2041-4, XT2041-6, XT2041-7, XT2041DL

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My rear camera is cracked- What parts will I need?

What parts do I need to replace my cracked rear camera in my Moto G Power? Is this an easy fix to do myself or should I send it in? Thanks

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I have this problem also. I found this part but not sure if it's for the G Power or the G8 Power.



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Hi @altalea

Is it just the camera lens that is cracked or the camera itself?

Here’s a video that details the teardown of the phone.

At ~1:00 minute into the video, the top cover is removed which will give access to the lenses.

At ~ 2:00 minutes onwards the camera modules will be able to be accessed.

Replacement parts are available online. Just search for Moto G Power camera to find suppliers of the parts.

If doing the repair yourself seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair service and ask for a quote to repair the phone.

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I’ve been having a horrible time finding the part for this part of the XT2041-4 rear camera. I bought the wrong lens initially and did some digging. Here is the best option for the lens replacement.


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