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A line of external hard drives by Western Digital, styled after hardbound books. Available in various editions from Essential, to Premium to World Edition.

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Why is my WD on but not being seen by my computer?

I have an old My Book Pro II and plugged it in for the first time in awhile. The blue circle light on the devices “spine” lights up and stays on. The machine starts whirring for about 7 seconds then goes quiet. It’s not showing up on my disk utility for Mac. Notes: It’s also plugged into its own outlet. The USB cord was sitting in storage awhile, no physical damage that I see. Is it possible the cord just would stop working regardless of that?

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the hard drive could be dead, or the cord, or the port you plugged it into. Try a different computer, and see if it works. Is it making any odd noises such as a repetitive clicking/grinding noise? WD harddrives are quite noisy so it may make some clicking noises.

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The cord is a USB A to B, I don’t think I have another one. There’s no noises except for the initial 7 second whirring upon powering on. I know the port is fine, hopefully it’s the cord and not the drive.


Yeah, sounds like that may be the first thing to check, otherwise some controller may be bad or something like that. If I were you Id purchase a new usb a to b cord for it and try it out


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