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Logic board shorts. Common issues?

Hello. I have taken the logic board out completely and nothing that can be unplugged is connected. A lot of the capacitors are shorted to ground. Before I buy a replacement I thought I would check if there are any common problems I can check for and try to fix. This logic board has an ATI chip. Cant see anything obvious.


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This system is very old! Parts (assembles) are just not hard to find that are even still good.

While it might be possible to fix your logic board the labor costs alone are going to be higher that the value of the system.

Unless you understand the circuit you can’t just assume the capacitors are all bad.

Lastly, the OS this system needs limits what apps will work and lastly its just not safe on the internet from WiFi to web apps.

Its really time to get a new system (used or new)

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This machine is more than good enough for what I need it for and it will be running linux.

I can get a working replacement board for very cheap. I would like to have a go at fixing this one myself first though. It seems one or more of the power rails are shorted to ground and I'm asking for advice on what might be causing it. If its a common fault, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.


You'll need to find the schematics and boardview drawings and then trace out the power feeds one by one.


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