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A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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Toro AWD - 22' Recycler - idles high?


My Toro AWD personal pace recycler 22’ 168cc. Sounds like it idles higher then it should its like its off to the races or something.

I pulled off the decorative cover and took a look at the governor tension springs(I think that is what it is) located above the carburetor and no matter what I do loosen, tighten jiggle with the springs it does not change the idle speed at all, sounds the same no matter what I do.

Is there a way to adjust the idle on this lawn mower?

It runs good and starts right up just the idle sounds so dang high is this normal? This is a new to me mower - its used a couple years old and the person I bought if from said he thought it idled high also but did not know how to adjust it either.

Thank you so much. I’m baffled!

Update (08/17/2020)

Hi- i figured it out yesterday. It’s a fixed throttle so there is no carb adjustment screws on the carbs. I did find the governor on it though and kind of rigged it to pull back a little farther on the carb by adding some wire so I did get it to idle down lower by doing this.

It works .. the way I did it (even though maybe not the correct way) I guess that is all that matters. :-)

Thank you for your suggestion.. very much appreciated.

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On engines like these, the idle is usually controlled by a small screw (or screws) on the carburetor body. Get someone to start the engine for you, then try fiddling with these (Hint: if it doesn’t change the idle or isn’t on the throttle body, then don’t unscrew it)

If that doesn’t work, then comment. I’ll see what else could be the problem.

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