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What type of cartridge do I need for this shower?

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I need to get this fixed but there is no name on it. If anyone knows what type of cartridge i need for this please let me know.

Also the screw is stripped in the cartridge and i also need to know how i can remove the cartridge, will a monkey wrench work?

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Lifesaver. That spinning the stem counter clock wise and 1\4 back was what I needed to figure this out. I was about to call a plumber until I read your post.

Can I post a pic of these parts so I know what to buy ? You probably know more than the people at lowes.


@James Thomas sure. But i would mjust take it with you


What type of replacement kit do I need for this type of shower?

Posted it there. I will take it with me but depending on who is working sometimes they don't know what they are talking about


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This is not a cartriage.it is a tub shower stem.phister will have this.unscrew the outside casing and you will see the spot where you can put an adjustable wrench on it to remove.just make sure you turn the stem where the screw is stripped counter clockwise all the way out then back 1/4. Turn.

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