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27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Image gets blurry after 30-40 minutes, cut power & screen is "frosty"

Thunderbolt Display Model A1407. I use this monitor primarily when using a code editor. I noticed that the text on the screen was beginning to look blurry in the middle of the screen. It was not blurry to the edges of the screen. When I cut the power to the monitor, the areas that were blurry had a white hazy/frosty look. After a cool down period, the white frosty color goes away until I am using the monitor again and after 30 minutes or so it is blurry/hazy again.


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That sounds line the LCD panel if failing. Consider the costs!

27" Cinema Display LCD Panel (Thunderbolt) Apple P/N: 661-6028, LG display ID: LM270WQ1 (SD)(B3) it should be around $290 USD.

Don’t get me wrong I have two! Which I love.

I’m also facing issues with one of mine due to COVID parts are getting hard to get and the condition of the part is also dropping. Next year I’m getting new displays for my just built Hackintosh. Retiring my trusty 2013 trash can Mac Pro!

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Thanks for your input, Dan! It's a little hard to justify fixing it if the part alone is $290. At least that gives me a place to start.

Are you happy with your build, considering you have been using a Mac?

Can you tell me if replacing the panel is a difficult fix doing DIY? Thanks again!


Still working on my Hackintosh, it's taking a bit of work to get everything working the way I want it to. It's a Ryzen threadripper system. I need the speed & threads my 2013 Mac Pro is just not able to process my ultra large images I'm working with fast enough. There is only so much coffee I can consume waiting.

Apple lost its way in the Pro space. The current Mac Pro is nice! But way out side of what I can spend as a photographer. If they offered one with fewer slots I would have jumped.

The display is not overly hard, here's the guide: Apple Thunderbolt Display LCD Replacement


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