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Best place to purchase replacement high quality screens

Hey Guys,

I own a repair shop and am looking for the best quality screen supplier at a reasonable price.

Can anyone recommend a reputable supplier?

We usually use ReplaceBase which seem to be good but am just wondering if there is anyone that is better priced with the same quality or better.

We are in the UK too :)

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@thelaptopdoctor Can anyone recommend a reputable supplier? Absolutely. WE recommend iFixit.com. Look at who’s site we are on. Why would we not recommend purchasing from here. Outstanding quality, outstanding service, outstanding warranty and they are here to actually do the right thing.

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I can only help with US-based suppliers unfortunately, but:

I have used RepairPartsPlus for years with nothing short of satisfaction. Their customer support is great and the screens are beyond high quality. That being said, it is not the cheapest supplier out there. I am enrolled in the wholesale program from FixEz.com, and boy do they beat the competition (even better than my corporate pricing from Batteries Plus Bulbs where I work). They offer a ton of different qualities, and that being said you get what you pay for. I would definitely not go for the lowest quality one, but I would try ordering a mid-range one and seeing how you like it.

I hope this helps!


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