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Windows Hello and Camera Not Working

The Camera in my All-In-One PC (Dell Inspiron 27 7775) has stopped working, windows hello has stopped working too. When booting the PC windows hello tries to look for my camera but after a while just says “Couldn’t turn on the camera” Why has this happened and what do I do further? I’ve already tried drivers and nothing happens

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are you sure the camera has failed? open windows search by hitting the windows key and type camera. open the app and see if it is working.

you can also look in your bios under your peripheral tab and see if it has been disabled for some reason or if it is even recognized as a device.

on that note, open up device manager in windows and see if it is listed there.

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the camera has dissapeared. there's no camera app for some reason and going into device manager only shows "ManyCam Virtual Webcam"

Nothing comes up in BIOS for anything to do with a camera or imaging devices


@ditto2385 windows has a camera app built in by default. if it is missing, i would try and download it from microsofts store.

if it says no camera found after installing and using the app, considering youve already tried downloading and installing the correct drivers for your system, then either your camera has failed, become disconnected or something on the circuit that controls the camera has failed.

you could troubleshoot, replace or use a third party camera if functionality is required.


okay, thanks for the help



To add to the answer, here's the service manual for the AIO, taken from this webpage

Go to p.36 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the camera module. This will help you to check the connections etc and to replace the module if necessary.

When did the problem first start?

If it started after the Win 10 2004 update was installed, (check view update history in Settings > Update and Security > Windows Update) bear in mind that there have been a lot of different problems caused by this update. If it still doesn't work with a new module you may have to roll back to Win10 1909 if possible. You can't roll back if it was more than 10 days ago. You have to do a clean instal of 1909.


I'm still running 1903, never updated it to 1909 or 2004, I'm just waiting until windows forces me to download it.

I'll remove the camera module now and inspect it.


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