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Repair guides and support for LED, LCD, HD and other Vizio TVs.

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Why is there a dark bar in the middle of my Vizio M658-G1 TV screen?

I have a Vizio M658-G1 that is just over 1 year old. There is a dark bar about 16 inches wide by 4 inches tall in the middle of my screen. It’s present on all inputs and also color calibration screens. It is intermittent and seems to go away randomly. There have occasionally been 2 bars in the middle of the tv. I’ve done a soft power cycle and also reset the tv to factory settings. Neither fixed the problem. Any ideas what to replace?

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your panel has a failed connection on the tab driver. this is typically not repairable without special tools, however there is a workaround that may extend your use for a bit longer until it fails completely. plenty of youtube videos explaining how to fix. doesnt matter the brand or model.

youll want to take the back cover off the tv and remove the bezel of the screen to expose the film tabs that is attached to the display itself. there are many all around the unit. look for the tab that is nearest the bars on your display.

you can apply pressure to make the connection again to see if the bars disappear. if so, wedge a peice of foam behind it when reassembling to hold the pressure and solve the issue.

if there is no change in the picture when applying any pressure then the chip has already failed and youre looking at a new tv if you want it gone. the screens are uneconomical to change out unless you find an exact model match with a good screen and swap for cheap.

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