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The Toshiba Satellite L305-S5946, with Onyx Blue lid and 15.4-inch LCD display, was released in the United States in 2009.

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Why isn't my computer turning on when I turned it off while updating?

So one time I was on https://support.dynabook.com/support/mod... and I was searching to update my drivers on the Internet on my manufactures website and I chose to put in my computer model which is: PSLB8U-0JG037 and then I entered my model number and chose to update my drivers and software and then I went to the BIOS section and I I chose to update my BIOS and then it was downloading the file and I waited until I allow it to update it and then a popup screen popped up and it told me not to turn off my computer but I was so scared that I wanted to turn it off if this was going to do something bad to my computer but then I unplugged the AC Cable port off my computer and then I connected my AC jack back into my laptop’s port but it doesn’t turn on no more and there’s no light’s indicating that it’s turning on and I don’t know exactly what happened or I don’t know how to turn on my computer no more. Note: My computer only turns on with the AC Cable and the battery in my computer does not work no more but when I connect my AC cable into my computer it turns on the whole computer. Someone please help me find the solution to boot my computer up again because I don’t know exactly what happened to my computer or why it doesn’t turn on no more.

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Sounds like the BIOS is now corrupt. By removing power from the computer, the BIOS is only half written. Without a proper BIOS, your computer will be unable to boot in any fashion. Your only option is to replace the motherboard. Protip - If it says not to turn off, don't turn it off.

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