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The T-Mobile G2 is a smartphone that features similar specifications to the HTC Desire and the HTC Desire HD but is a slider.

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My g2 restarted to the htc screen,what does that mean?

During a regular use i was texting and my G2 suddenly restarted and it went to the htc screen it shows when turning it on. However, im wondering if it did that because it updated something because afterwards I noticed that the andriod market looked different and better. Im guessing it updated but i just want to be sure. It hasnt happened since!

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If it's the first occurrence of such a problem, it seems highly likely that it might have just required a forced system reboot (in your case to apply an update?). I doubt it is related to any memory issues (assuming you're running stock ROM).

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If this is the only time, Its nothing to worry about. It could have been any number of a thousand different things.

The Market update is just something that happens, it wouldn't have anything to do with the restart.

If it restarts again while texting, take note of it. Every time it does it, pay close attention to what you are doing. If its always texting, try using a different SMS application because that one could be corrupt.

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