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Vertical lines appearing on display 3-4 times a day.

Hi. My niece just bought a used Iphone 8 plus and was told that just before receiving the phone, he would put a new display on it. Soon after, the phone started showing black and white vertical stripes a couple a times a day, and seemed to fix itself. Here is a photo:

Block Image

I took the phone apart and had a look. Found broken glass pieces from the former display i would guess, cleaned that all out. Then I took a look at the connectors and the flex cables and everything seemed fine. So I tried turning it back on and everything seemed to worked fine, I had the phone for half a day after the cleanup and I checked the display multiple times and it was always working. But shortly after returning the phone to my niece it started to show these white, black and green stripes.

Block Image

Block Image

I am baffled. Is the LCD broken? Or maybe a bad chip. All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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This is defiantly a display problem. Get yourself a good quality screen. He probably brought that one for $20.00.

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Thank you for your response. The display that is on it now had the apple logo on the back side (upper right corner on the glass) so I think he just took it of a used phone, probably with some other damages. But I'll order a new screen today. and hopefully that will help.


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this happens to my parents its a loose connection between cord and the screen itself try getting a new screen. if not then don’t know how else to solve it other than getting a new chip

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I would open it back up and have another look at the display FCP connectors.

  1. Power off the iPhone
  2. Open the device
  3. Remove the battery shield & disconnect battery
  4. Remove the display assembly shield & disconnect all assembly flex cables
  5. Check the pins on all of the flex cables, make sure they are clean
  6. Inspect the back of the display assembly, look for any signs of damage
  7. Check the pins on all of the board FCP connectors, make sure they are clear of any debris including the surrounding moisture seal
  8. Double-check that there are no loose screws inside of the device, and no debris on the outer edge of the frame where the display will rest
  9. Reconnect display assembly & reinstall shield
  10. Reconnect battery & reinstall shield
  11. Close the device
  12. Plug in genuine charging cable & perform a hard reset (hold Pwr+Home until you see the Apple logo)
  13. Boot into iOS & test the LCD

If you verify all of that and are still having issues, there is likely a problem with your display assembly. Hope this helps!

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