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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Water damaged and it won't start.

MacBook Air 2013, would not start, took it apart, dried out water and cleaned solder points with isopropyl alcohol 99%U.S.P., tried restarting it and it started once, but computer screen wasn’t working, worked with a monitor connected, shut it down, charged it overnight, it won't start now. Any ideas?

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Thanks Zachary.

Since I wrote about the problem above, I have been able to start the computer again. To start up I had to disconnect the battery connector ribbon and have the the power supply plugged into the computer. I am unable to use the computer’s screen, no response from it and can see as long as I am connected to a tv set. I ran Disk Utility/First Aid and there were no errors found.


Thanks, Chris, I gave that a try and with the light shone through the Apple logo I was able to see a bit of the computer screen and whatever was occurring at the moment.

When I am using the computer and I accidentally hit the power key the computer immediately shuts off, even if the battery is connected.


@jake45 It would be best to address the backlight issue first.


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Check you just haven’t blown the backlight. Shine a torch on the screen and see if you have an image. I have found if you remove the SSD and shine a torch at the back through the apple logo is best as this is where the flashing folder will appear. If you can see an image this would mean a component on the backlight circuit has become faulty.

Depending on your skills and equipment and what component has become damaged will determine if you need to send it to a repair shop.

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What is the reason for removing the SSD?


@jake45 A flashing folder is easy to see when checking for image.


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It sounds like the main logic board may have damaged sensors or shorts due to corrosion from liquid damage. Liquid damage repairs can be complicated and there is too little information here to offer a good fix. Your best would be to take this machine to a repair shop that specializes in logic board repairs.

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