Activation error in iTunes: activation information is not valid

Hello to everyone.

I bought a used iPad Air A1475

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four years ago. It was sold as Wi-fi only model even though it has an antenna for LTE and a SIM tray, but there where no setting to activate data connection. I use it until now when I tried to sell it, but after I did the reset I could not activate it anymore. When I try to activate with Wi-fi connection, it displays > that "Activation server is temporarily unavailable’, and when I try to connect to iTunes, it says

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that activation information is not valid.

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I restore it, and I’ve got the same message during activation. I made some research and I find out that maybe it has a hardware iCloud bypass in the past and maybe this is the reason for it. I just want to activate it now and use it again since is not a good idea to sell an iPad with such a problem.

If anyone knows how to solve this problem. Please help.

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