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The Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8.0, a touch screen tablet made by Samsung Electronics, was released in January 2016. This page includes repair information for model number SM-T377V.

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Touch screen is "off" by a half an inch or so

I am being driven nuts by this thing! I had it password protected, I was not able to enter the password because my “c” press doesn’t even work no matter where i touch the screen, and all of the other letters are off by a smidge. Some in different directions than others. Nothing replacing the digitizer and LCD won’t fix, right? Wrong. Replaced both last night to be faced with the same exact issue. So figuring there is no way to even save my data anyway, I did a factory reset. Now the next button I need to be able to hit to get it online is in the bottom right corner. Nothing I am touching is able to activate that part of the screen. I am legit about to pull out my hair. I’ve probably spent more on it than what it is worth at this point. It’s just the principle and the fact I don’t know what is wrong. Addtional information: When you sometimes have LCD issues, it looks like there is pressure on one part of the screen no matter where I touch. It is in the same place before and after repair. I checked for pressure points behind it when I had it disassembled. It worked fine a few months ago, got my charge port repaired and it came back, I turned it on and this was the issue. Not sure if it happened before or after that repair. Thank you all for reading and for ANY insight you can offer!

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Maybe a software bug. Try restoring the software with odin. Follow a guide on google for your specific tablet. Hope this helps.

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Well I did a factory reset already which did not do anything except preventing me from setting it up because the "Next" key in setup is on the bottom right corner. That area is unclickable :( Thanks for the reply.


@gophins but it might well be a defective touch screen unit. and i don’t mean a factory reset, i mean a software reflash through odin.


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