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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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My pc freeze and show no signal while pc still tunning

My pc start to freze and show no signal… a weird sound come in headphone for 4 to 5 sec ..but pc is still running ..evry fan goes to full load gpu cpu and cabinet fan ….facing this problem from 2 months

Things i have tried changing hdmi cable

Changing monitor

But my friend told is gpu fault so

I put my old spare gtx 970 and its running smothly (20 days and no shutdown)

I took my gigabyte gtx 1070 to service center after 22 days they give me back and told me its repaired but after plugging and running my pc for 20 mins same balck screen no signal

Past 4 days im just taking my gpu to service center like a stupid monkey evrytime they just say we repaired and evrything is good

But the result is same 1 month is nearly passed

I need help is it my pc fault or gpu

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If you PC will work with an old video card (GPU), it is not the PC’s problem. Your new GPU may be over powered for what you are running. Check the specifications to make sure you have enough RAM and that your CPU is powerful enough to run the new board. If all the specs are good I would suspect another item that a lot of people don’t think of, the PSU. If your power supply is not big enough, it won’t be able to power your new board. You can test it by removing all other boards from your PC except the GPU. If you don’t have other boards in there, like me, just replace the PSU with a larger one. Look at the label on your power supply. It will tell how many watts, it will output. i.e. 200W. Put in a 300W PSU, reconnect everything and try it again.

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Sorry i didnt add spec

Amd fx 8350 with cooler master hyper 212x

Gigabyte 990fx motherboard

Kingston hyperx fury 2x8gb

Seasonic 750 80+bronze psu

Nzxt phanton 420 cabinet with all 5 fans attached

Wd purple 1 tb hdd

Gigabyte aorus gtx 1070 (i know its bottlenecking but i only use photo editing and little game)

Try reinstallng win 10 -3 time

Unintsall and clean installation of nvidia driver -4 times

Today i try to add 2 pci wire to power gpu one for 8 pin and one for 6pin (same result)

Again went to service center in morning they said we check evrything and graphic is running they also show me running but how it is not running in my pc

I used this gpu for 2.5 year never give me a single problem only few months left of warranty and i wasted 1 month in service center

Does .net framework causing thr problem?


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