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Released in 2012, the Asus N76VZ is a 17-inch laptop with a screen resolution of 1600x900 pixels or 1920x1080 pixels. It has a 3rd-generation Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia graphics card inside.

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Laptop works with power connector but not on battery. Battery is fine.

Over the past years I have taken my Asus N76VB laptop apart a few times to replace broken components. Currently my laptop is no longer running on battery and assuming it was because of an old battery, I replaced it. This however did not solve the problem. It works fine on net power.

I’ve disassembled the laptop to see if there were scorch marks or other traces suggesting there is a problem from the battery connector to the print board. Nothing to see there. The nine pin connector that goes in the battery looks fine.

I do have a multimeter, but I don’t know what to measure for. Who can help me in the right direction?

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Auke Westerterp You need the schematic and a board view for your motherboard. Let us know if you have any model number on the board itself. Should be something like 60-NAJMB1200-A04 and you do want to post a picture of your complete motherboard. Update your computer’s BIOS and make sure that your laptop recognize that there is a battery in. If all that is okay then the issue is most likely related to the charging circuit of your computer. I have a boardview but not the schematic so hence we need more info.

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