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An i7 gaming laptop released in September 2017. Created to fight heat and keep air flowing with thermal engineering systems.

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Why does my laptop freeze randomly?

So about a couple of weeks ago I wanted to format my laptop because it was slow and it was due time after maybe 2 years. I realised though that I hadn't created a restore point so I had to install windows from scratch. I did that and installed all lenovo drivers using lenovo vantage.

Fast forward a week or so, my laptop whenever I open any game whether it's graphics intensive or not, freezes randomly and a lot to the point that playing is somewhat impossible. I tried looking at the processes tab in the task manager when it freezes and noticed that when it freezes my intel graphics card and drivers spike in usage. I then made sure that all my games were using the NVidia 1050 as the main card and they were but the issue still persisted, soo I come here asking for help.

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Does it do that when it is connected to the AC power supply as well as when it is on battery only?


Yes it happens literally all the time, when I'm on balanced battery mode, high performance even razer cortex's gaming mode


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O- ALI sounds like a memory issue. You have checked to make sure that your memory usage it optimized for the gaming as well as updating your BIOS as well as the driver for the NVidia card.

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