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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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Modifying or bypass a 1/2" Headphone jack

Intergated Network AV Receiver AVR-1912

The Receiver is owned by a elder client of mine who is hard of hearing. He’s been using a 1/2” to 1/4" adapter on the Headphone Jack, damaging it twice.

I’m hoping to find someone to apply a reinforced 1/4” Jack to replace the 1/2” on the system, or can provide me other options.

My thoughts: Understanding the speakers need to mute; override the jack or suggest a Bluetooth transmitter(?) that’s patched between the receiver and speakers.

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I have the same problem with an older Yamaha rx v473 I suspect a pole contact or bypass connector disengages causing speakers to cut back in through wear withdrawing the plug partially I get one side of stereo AVR isn’t BT ready but I added a n adapter so wirless headphones are an option but buds are out Old ears don’t handle them well Tried a deep clean of the port but think it needs to be replaced I’ll test the 6.5 to 3.5 as well Any idea on how often these need to be replaced? Do they wear out?


Headphone jacks will wear out but it takes hundreds of insertions. It also may be a bad solder connection. You can take it to a TV/stereo repair place and have them replace the jack unless you can do it yourself. It takes soldering.


I’m thinking it needs the new jack Any idea about the 6.5 adapters ? Can they wear out? The one on my Marantz 1711 works fine and I’ve swapped both out


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@adron the system uses a 1/2" jack? I would think it is a 6.35mm (1/4" jack) and the smaller one being a 3.5mm jack. Not sure why your “client” breaks those or how. I would simply go ahead and get a 3.5mm Bluetooth transmitter (something like this ) and connect it to the receiver with a 3.5==>6.35 adapter. Replacing the jack in the receiver sounds a bit like overkill to me. Once you insert the audio jack your external speakers will be turned off etc. so that should then no longer be an issue.

Update (09/12/2020)

You won't be able to use the speakers for as long as anything is plugged into the audio jack. That is the nature of the jack. As for the damaged jack, we would need to see more of it. You can always post images with your QUESTION so that we can see what you see Adding images to an existing question

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(smile) Yes, he breaking that jack is pretty intense. It's aesthetically pleasing (flush to front panel), but appears forced in, maybe breaking a plastic retainer plate behind the front panel?!

Your choice on the Trond would be perfect, 'cept I'm trying to get around the in/out process (muting) while still allowing him to use the speakers when he chooses.

I visualize a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the speaker output terminal that has the ability to control the speakers (muting) and the routing of the signal to his headphones.

I tend to pose my idea to TROND Official (they may well have the item I need).


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Receivers normally have 1/4” jacks for headphones as this Denon AVR-1912 does (not 1/2”). You don’t give enough information for a solution but if the person is mostly listening to TV and the TV has bluetooth then get them a set of BT true wireless earbuds which are more comfortable than headphones. Go to Amazon and search for Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds as an example. The Denon receiver can be set up to send the audio to the TV if it is connected with an HDMI cable. When the earbuds are taken out of the case it should connect to the TV and the TV sound should mute automatically. You will have to pair the earbuds with TV before this works but this should be required only once. I don’t know if the audio will come through the TV for other sources such as Radio. but if a cable box is used for TV they usually provide music channels. The receiver does not have bluetooth.

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