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A series of in-the-field repair instructions for the avid adventurer.

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Backpack worn hole, how to repair? Use an iron-on patch?

Backpack has worn hole in one corner. Is it better to try to sew it closed or use iron-on patch?

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Is there guidance for backpacks side pouches for water bottles and/or flasks (coffee/tea). My backpack is intact, except for bottle holders. I've tried taping it, but it's a mess!


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@maebelley depends on where this hole is and how gig it is. Ultimately for a proper fit I would try to mend it instead of using and iron on patch. Now, you can use a patch but just sew it in instead of ironing it on. That will take some of the stress out of the material

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Take a similar piece of material that is larger than the hole by a good margin. Place it on the INSIDE of the bag and stitch it in place. And don’t be shy with the stitching: let your adventures shine. I’ve done this on a number of bags that have made unaided descents and it works out fine. If you want you can darn across the borders too (darning just means running stitches over and over it).

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