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Repair and disassembly guides for HP PDAs.

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I have HP Ipaq 114 stuck on Download mode and reset button won't work

I have HP iPaq 114 stuck on Download mode and it randomly turns on when connected to AC and when I press reset button It turns off and stay that way for over 10 minutes.

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Have you tried taking out the battery to reset it ?


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@hamza7113 first replace your battery since that seems to be part of the problem. After that you can try a hard reset. (you’ll lose your saved files etc.)

1. Press and hold the start  button(it has the Windows logo on it.), OK button and record buttons.

2. Press the reset button.

3. Then release the start, OK and the record buttons, followed by the reset button.

You know you did it correctly if the "CLEAN BOOT" message appears.

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If battery was the problem It should at least start properly when connected to AC but no it doesn't and after it turns ON the RUU Download Mode text looks distorted and when I press reset it turns off entirely.


@hamza7113 so try a complete hard reset. That will restore the firmware. You should always have a fully charged battery for that.


I can't reset because reset button turns off the machine entirely, If possible can you help with it on live?


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