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Apple bootloop and battery issue

I had an issue with my screen, and apparently seems that’s causing the bootloop. I discovered yesterday that If I press the screen with a little force, the bootloop temporarily disappears and boots normally.

The battery is another issue which I can’t understand, according to apple settings it said that my battery health is 62%, however, if I disconnect it from the charger, it immediately turns off.

What can be causing these issues? Bad cable placing? Need to replace battery ?

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If your battery health is at 62% I am amazed it even tries to boot. Replace the battery and it will boot without any problem.

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Try downloading a iPhone diagnostic tool on a PC and see if anything shows up. Such as any battery problems, or if you can have the genius bar look at it.

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Given the age of the device, I would say that this phone needs a new battery. This may help solve a lot of the issues you are having with the phone.

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