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Repair information and troubleshooting for the Dell Latitude E6430. This business class laptop has a 14 inch screen and uses a 3rd generation Intel Core processor. It was announced in May 2012.

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Laptop overheating and fan doesn't spin

My friend’s laptop recently stopped working as it was overheating. I have run multiple tests on it to no avail. The fan will not spin and the BIOS says 0rpm, I have felt the fan and it doesn’t even try to start. there is nothing blocking it and I have checked the connections and they look good. I have no idea what is wrong with it. I have gotten it to boot once because I was blowing on the heatsink. He got it refurbished and it has worked fine for around 2 years.

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Hi @jflys5000 ,

Can you measure the voltage at the fan connector to see if any voltage is there when the laptop is first started? (measure voltage between the black and red wires on fan connector)

If it is, disconnect the fan and measure the fan motor resistance to make sure that the fan is OK. (measure resistance between the black and red wires on the fan connector)

If not, what is the motherboard's "board number" (printed on motherboard)? Perhaps if the schematic for the motherboard can be found it may help to find out why there is no voltage at the fan connector.


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Try replacing the fan, or look into passive cooling, although that may not be enough.

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