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How would I fix this laptop screen case?

I got a Lenovo laptop through DSA last year. The warranty has just run out, but the plastic case is starting to pull away at the side. There are no cracks in the case. It’s just falling apart through general wear and tear, which seems to be a very Lenovo-type thing to do, apparently. I’ve included an image of what I’m talking about below. It might be nothing to worry about, but I’m hesitant to let it get any worse as I still need it for several more years of education. Would it be OK to glue this?

Block Image

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I can't make out the image too well, is it separating on the bottom?


@gatewaynomad No. it’s straight up along the right side of the screen. The front of the case has cleanly separated from the back. No breakages. I’m guessing that some glue softened and it came apart.


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Hi @sebaren ,

You may also wish to consider replacing the lid cover if nothing else works satisfactorily.

Here’s the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop, taken from this webpage

On p.63 you’ll find the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the LCD unit. This will allow you to replace the lid cover.

On p.85 Item #7 you’ll find the part number for the cover. If you search online for 5CB0R28213 you will get results for suppliers - example only. There are other suppliers that may suit you better. It was only shown to give you an idea of the cost of the part.

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Given the information you have given me, I would say it shouldn't effect performance, as long as you mind how you handle the screen when opening and closing.

If I am seeing it correctly, then a little double-sided tape might be a better bet, but I am not sure that I am seeing it correctly.

In my experience, as long as it isn't separating near the hinges at the bottom, it's not normally too big a deal. Taking care when opening and closing the laptop can extend the life quite a bit. hope this gives you an idea what to expect, sorry I couldn't help more.

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